De International League of Religious Socialists geeft de volgende verklaring over de oorlog tegen Islamitische Staat (IS):

Trefpunt is lid van de International League of Religious Socialists.
Trefpunt PvdA en Levensovertuiging is lid van de International League of Religious Socialists.

For Kobane, against segregation: Solidarity instead of fear

As an international organisation of people of faith with a socialist perspective, we raise our voice for the people of Kobane, besieged by the criminal organization, the so-called ”Islamic State”, and for all other humans affected by their terror.

We ask all sides strongly to end financial and any other kind of support for ISIL/IS. And to enable humanitarian aid for the areas terrorized by these gangsters, and welcome refugees surviving the gruesome acts of IS.

ISIL/IS is not representative of Islam.
The violent and inhuman acts with an outfit styling itself as Islamic, is an abuse of Islam for gaining power by criminal means, extremely violating human rights.
These acts should under no condition be used to foster religious tensions and Islam phobia.

People from all religious backgrounds should come together to find ways for ending the criminal activities of the ISIL/IS.
We must not give way to more segregation in our societies. But we should let inclusion, equal rights and religious tolerance grow stronger.

The terror gangs of ISIL/IS have one central instrument: using fear as a means to overcome any kind of resistance against them.
We appeal to everyone not to fall victim to fear, but to stand firm for solidarity amongst people of all faiths, and especially with the people of Kobane.

The Executive Committee of the International League of Religious Socialists,
convening in Vienna, October 12, 2014

Download de verklaring van ILRS in pdf.